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Over the last ten years Wilkins pellet pouches have proved extremely popular with airgunners across the world. Here are some of the nice things people have said:

What Gun?Every once in a while a product comes along that quite frankly makes a mockery of those that have gone before… the unique Wilkins Pellet Pouches

Shotting SportsOverall an excellent way of carrying airgun, or even Rimfire ammo. If you use an airgun then get one of these… Well made, solid and above all practical.

Pete WadestonThey’re  one of the best products we’ve yet come across for carrying and protecting pellets out in the field, for hunter or target shooter.
Pete Wadeson, author of Total Airguns and The Advanced Airgun Hunter 

Airgun WorldThis clever design meant he could concentrate on his shooting and not worry about spilling his slugs all over the muddy ground, fumble around in his pockets for spares or walk about as though impersonating a rattle.

Gun Trade NewsEasy to access and silent in operation its button-down lid offers complete security, making it completely sealable while still offering easy access… a welcome addition to the airgun accessories market.

…and thanks to ‘gunvidder’ for this independent review of Wilkins pellet pouches found on YouTube.



They arrived very quickly-thanks. The pouches are wonderful, will be ordering some more in the coming weeks, so many more uses. My father has nabbed one off me already.

Pellet pouch arrived, very pleased lovely item
Stephen Campbell

Still love that pellet pouch, best bit of kit I have, a joy to use.

They did arrive and they are serving their purpose perfectly. Thank you for your great customer service. It has been a pleasure doing business.
Kyle Redding, USA

Pouches showed up today. They are wonderful. May have to get another for our field bag for our blanks.  Truly a work of art.
Constance Ward

I just wanted to take the time to say thank you for making such an excellent product, I recently bought a large pouch for .22 pellets and am really impressed with the quality, look and feel of the pouch. And thank you for getting it in the post in such quick time over the holiday period as well.
Kristiaan Bennett, USA

Just received my new pouch! This is far better than I expected. Absolutely beautiful craftsmanship. Perfect size. It can hang on the belt loop of my jeans and be right at my fingertips for walking around the woods trails. Thank you so much for a great product and fast shipping!
Jack Johns III, USA

I received the Wilkins ammo pouch and am delighted with its quality, structure, and appearance… it is a fine compliment to my custom, exotic catapult.
Lyman Hughes II, USA

The pellet pouches are absloutely splendid, I am amazed how perfectly they fit the trapdoor to the semisphere, there is not a thousandths of an inch gap. They had to have been made with alien technology!!
David Tyler, United Kingdom

I have recieved the pouches today and I am very pleased with how it looks, and the good workmanship, thank you very much for your good service and feedback, I would recommend this pouch to other people.
Dirk Knoetze, South Africa

Hello from across the pond as they say …letting you know I received the pouch and it is a thing of beauty I must say. You do nice work. It’s nice to see in this day of mass production and non existent attention to detail that a very few craftsmen remain as it was in the old days. I myself am a welder and a gunsmith and love refinishing historical firearms such as Colt and Smith & Wesson so my attention to detail has to be high. Keep up the tradition and great work.
Greg Hird, Florida, USA

To say I am delighted is an understatement, what a beautiful little pouch.
Mick Sargeant, UK

The pouches arrived today and they’re absolutely beautiful.  It’s great to see that there still are skilled craftsmen who make a quality product at a reasonable price.
Andrew Donatelli, Canada

The pouches arrived today, what a neat product. The quality and apparent durability are way beyond what I expected. I am sure I will be ordering a few more shortly.
Tom Meyer, New Mexico, USA

I must admit, I was a little skeptical at first, but it’s just as I hoped it would be. Nice, solid construction…built to last!!! It held a whole tin full of pellets with plenty of room to spare! Best $30 I’ve spent in a while!!!
Rodney Porterfield, USA

Excellent service and a fantastic product… what more can I say.
Helder Oliveira, London, UK

Thank you so much for the fast delivery… I’m thrilled with the pouch, I’ll certainly recommend you to ‘the shooting bunch’.
Helen Griffiths, UK

I received my pellet pouch early this morning and just wanted to email to say what a nicely crafted piece of equipment this is! In fact even if I was not into air rifle shooting I would want one of these purely because its such a very nice object. I look forward to many years use from it. Thank you for your prompt service.
Dave Baker, UK

Pouch arrived this morning. It’s a fine piece of craftsmanship. Excellent quality.
Robert Mackintosh, Scotland, UK

I’m not one to write about products that I’ve bought but I have to say this is an extremely nice pouch. Very nice craftsmanship.
Mike Riley, West Virginia, USA

Pouches came over weekend. Can’t thank you enough. They are beautiful. I only have a few days of rabbit hunting left, but hopefully I can take them out and use them. It sure will beat walking around with tins or loose pellets in my pockets.
Michael Scarboro, North Carolina, USA

Thanks for the pouch, it arrived yesterday and I have to say that it’s the best pouch I’ve had, or even seen. 10 out of 10.
Martin Collinson, UK

This is the 3rd of your pellet pouches I have bought as I think they are excellent. They make a great gift for the new airgun shooter who has just experienced the lid coming off a tin of pellets in their pocket for the first time!
Jason B, UK

The pouch arrived safely yesterday and is a lovely piece of kit. Many thanks for the quick despatch and cheaper price than my local gun shop.
Andy, UK

Pouch arrived today. Fantastic product!!! It’s better made than I expected and perfect for the job, however my wife thinks it would be useful for other things so I may have to order one for her too!!
Mike Smith, Exeter, UK

Really beautiful work; love the green version. Glad I got the larger one, too.
Mark R, UK

Received the pouches today. They’re great and excellent value for money. Your prompt attention is much appreciated.
Karen Collings, Surrey, UK

Received my pellet pouch today, and am over the moon with it. You are providing such an excellent product, infact it is a work of art and have not seen anything else on the market that even comes close. I use .22 and have just put what I think should keep me going for a day squirrel & rabbit bashing tomorrow, it holds more than enough 50-60 RWS super dome.
Bruce Underwood, UK

Absolutely spot on!!! Thanks.
Thomas Baker, UK

I saw a chap shooting with one of your pouches (quote “the best £15 I ever spent”) and had to get one…
Pete Corner, UK

I received the pouch today. Love it!
Daniel Butler-Morgan, UK


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  1. Johnny says:

    I have been using your pellet pouches for years, since they first started to be sold by BAR (Blackpool Air Rifle).

    I have introduced them for lots of fellow swedes into air rifle shooting and they have come to be a quite familiar sight at our competitions here too.

    Thank you for making such a great product!

  2. With this and my 97k the hunting never gonna be the same!

    Buenos Aires – Argentina

  3. PCP Shooter says:

    What a great quality product! Normally i wouldn’t spend much on a pouch, when I could simply use my pockets. But I said what the heck on this, and gave it a try. As soon as I opened the package, I knew it was a great move. It’s an heirloom quality item and everyone asks me about it. Great job elevating a simple utility to a must-have item. I may end up ordering more to carry all three calibers.

  4. craig mclaren says:

    What a great little addition to my shooting kit, i will be using it for .22 ammo when spotlighting rabbits.
    Easy to open with one hand.
    Thanks again.
    Craig from oz

  5. Graham Bell says:

    Got my pouch in the post and I am delighted with the quality of the item.
    I will use it for slingshot ammo 12mm down to 36cal lead ball.
    It holds plenty for target shooting and very comfortable round your neck.
    Perfect for the job. I now need different colours for all sizes.

    Thank you for speedy service

  6. Jonathan Rogers says:

    Just got mine in, love it, great to still find skilled makers of quality gear! FAST shipping, it took 8 days from my order to my door, and it shipped from England to the USA :)

  7. Hershall White says:

    Great Product, Super fast Shipping.
    The Pouch is so lovely, a great example of Handcraft.

    I will order some More as Gift for some Friends.

  8. Mark Robinson says:

    Just received my Wilkins pellet pouch. It’s fantastic great quality product made to last – great price.

  9. Damien McCarthy says:

    The pouch arrived and I must say it is an exceptional piece of gear. Many thanks.

  10. Jeffrey Johnston says:

    Only took 12 days to arrive here in Michigan U S A. Awesome Exquisite Old World Craftsmanship Great Price Fast Shipping Worth Every Red Cent I will refer all to purchase these pouches. Very Very Very Impressive. THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH. Kindest Regards Jeff. P.S. I will be ordering a Large Pouch in Green in the near future.

  11. Ken Schuler says:

    I ordered 6 of the pouches from Mike on March 29th 2015 and got them here in Linville, Va from the UK on April 6th ! It took me 17 days to get a small package from Indiana that I ordered from another company…..Great product and great communication with a very nice person…Mike will take care of you!…Thanks Mike!

  12. Jack Kuehl says:

    Item as advertised. Good quality, fast shipping.

  13. Christian Stoll says:

    The pouche arrived today, what a well made product. The quality is beyond what I expected. It’s a fine piece of craftsmanship. Great to see that there still are skilled craftsmen around. I have a felling this won’t be the last one. Cheers.

    Christian, Pforzheim, Germany

  14. Kyle says:

    I ordered two pouches and I could not be more happy with them. They are incredibly well put together and exceeded my expectations. Not only that, but the customer service was outstanding. I highly, highly recommend.

  15. Karl Grocott says:

    Last minute present for my Dads Birthday. Outstanding service from all that were involved. They even rushed the order through and got it sent out same day for me so I would get it the following day so it was there for his Birthday.
    Fantastic customer service and top quality product.
    Thank you again Pete and Mike

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