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Mike Wilkins

Mike Wilkins an experienced shooter and marksman formed in 2004 to import these pouches and supply the UK shooting market.

Since then many thousands of these round hard leather pouches have been imported and sold throughout the UK, and thanks to the internet have been sold throughout the world.

Mike has an excellent relationship with the manufacturers and exercises personal quality control to ensure buyer satisfaction.


South African World FT Team

Back in 2004 The Pellet Pouch was picked up by the airgunning and shooting sport press and has since received many favourable reviews.

Whilst in the UK the South African Field Target Team used Wilkins Pouches whilst competing in the UK at the World Championships.

Over the years they have also become very popular in the USA

The hard leather quality pouches are beautifully crafted and can be clipped to the belt or worn around the neck, allowing easy press-stud access to the pellets or ammo. The large pouch can hold a whole tin full of pellets plus a magazine. They will never spill ammo when closed. and are made of fine quality hard leather. They can also hold .22 small bore cartridges.


They are also purchased by skeet or clay pigeon shooters who use them to keep their ear protectors safe.

Another use is for black powder shooting to carry muzzle-loading musket balls; slingshot shooting or for holding iphone ear buds

They are also used as money purses

The satisfaction level from buyers has been fantastic owing to the extremely high level of manufacture and their practicality for target shooting or hunting.

It is a testament to the quality and durability of the Wilkins Pouch that from the many thousands sold only a handful have ever been returned.

This piece of kit is built to last!