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Mike Wilkins 1964

Mike Wilkins (left) in competition, 1964

Mike Wilkins first started shooting back in 1960, when he joined the Croydon Wardens Small Bore Rifle Club. The club had been formed in the Second World War by air raid wardens and was affiliated to the National Small-bore Rifle Association (NSRA). The original range was just 15 yards, so the bull was the size of a pin head!

Along with the shooting, Mike enjoyed the stories he would hear from the veterans and wardens he met at the club. He shot in the A team in the postal leagues and his scores shot up when he acquired a Martini International target rifle, a very fine rifle. He went on to become Honorary Secretary of the club in the 1970s.

Mike Wilkins

Experienced rifleman Mike Wilkins

In recent years, Mike has become interested in airgunning and regularly enjoys Field Target and Hunter Field Target shooting in North Yorkshire where he now lives. He commands impressive scores with his trusty Air Arms EV2.

Like all airgunners, Mike was always on the lookout for a convenient way to store and access his pellets while out shooting. Keeping them in the tin was awkward and made a disturbing rattle, and the commercially available pellet pouches he tried often had problems with fiddly zips and fasteners. He would often witness spillages by frustrated shooters, when a closed pouch was turned upside down!

The Wilkins Airgun Pellet Pouch

The Wilkins Airgun Pellet Pouch

Then finally, in 2004 while travelling abroad, he found the perfect solution and has been importing them ever since…

The Perfect Pellet Pouch

…a beautifully crafted, hard-leather pouch which could be clipped to the belt or worn around the neck, allowing easy press-stud access to the pellets. The large pouch would hold a whole tin full of pellets and the magazine from his 10 shot Daystate Harrier. It would never spill when closed and was such fine quality he knew it would be a instant success with his fellow shooters. He brought back a small quantity of pouches which sold like hot cakes. And the rest, as they say, is history.

Every once in a while a product comes along that quite frankly makes a mockery of those that have gone before… the unique Wilkins Pellet Pouches
What Gun, 2004

South African World FT Team with Wilkins Pouches

South African World FT Team

The Wilkins Pellet Pouch was picked up by the airgunning and shooting sport press and received numerous favourable reviews. It gained interest from the UK and abroad, and wholesaler Range Right Ltd. of Harrogate is now supplying hundreds of UK shops through their catalogue. The South African Field Target Team used Wilkins Pouches whilst competing in the UK at the World Championships. It has also become a popular shooting accessory in the USA and has been used by top shooters.

It is widely used by both airgunners and small-bore rifle shooters and can now be found on sale in the NSRA shop at Bisley. The medium pouch is just right for shotgunners who need somewhere to keep their ear defenders secure. It can even be used in black powder shooting to carry muzzle-loading musket balls!

It is a testament to the quality and durability of the Wilkins Pouch that from the thousands sold over the past few years only three have ever been returned. This piece of kit is built to last!

The Wilkins Team

Pete Wilkins

Pete Wilkins enjoying his first shoot!

Mike has recently been joined by his nephew Pete Wilkins, who had his first attempt at airgun shooting on the plinking range and Field Target course at Pontefract Air Rifle Club a few weeks ago. It’s fair to say Pete has been bitten by the shooting bug and now daydreams about parallax and pre-charged pneumatics while working on the new Wilkins Pouches website. At least he doesn’t need to think about where to keep his pellets!

Mike and Pete are proud to offer the Wilkins Pellet Pouch to fellow shooters, retailers and wholesalers with a guarantee of high-quality workmanship and excellent service.

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